FARG catalogue


The float valves makes up the majority of our product range and remains our core product.
In the catalogue we have about twenty different types, each with many versions, in order to offer the customer different choice depending on the characteristics of the plant.

Our range includes the float valve for domestic use, for example for washing cisterns or water tanks; we also manufacture products for industrial use, used for example in large storage tanks and for use in fire plants.
We also produce a range of products specialising in pressure reducing valves which we have manufactured for the past 20 years.

The pressure reducing valves offer a range of different versions and types to suit customer requirements.
In addition to the other plumbing components, self-cleaning filters and filling group, we are able to offer our customers a range of products such as ornamental garden taps.




Plumbing components
Brass fittings
Float valves
Ornamental garden taps