F.F. self-cleaning filter with filtering cartridge 100 micron.

The self-cleaning filter is suitable for all plants, both civil and industrial ones, where the constant impurities in water could damage or block the present appliances. The water, we usually use, comes from waterworks or wells, contains a great number of particles which, according to their sizes, interact negatively with the installed accessories and compromise, therefore, their correct functioning. The joints for the connection to the hydraulic plant are internal threaded in compliance with the ISO 228/1 standard. On the body of the self-cleaning filter there are two 1⁄4”G threads for the connection of two pressure gauges.

F.F. self-cleaning filter without pressure gauges
F.F. self-cleaning filter with two Ø 63 radial pressure gauges


Available finishing

  • Size: 1⁄2”G - 3⁄4”G
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